The Cost of Loving – Episode 3 The Wedding

Getting married is practiced all around the world, there is no doubt about that! But, of course, traditions vary tremendously across cultures. For instance, Indian brides have their hands intricately painted with henna for their wedding day. But, if you go to a wedding in Kenya, you may see the father of the bride spitting on his daughter for good luck … yes, in the Maasai tradition, spitting on someone is seen as showing respect.
In any case, in most cultures, weddings are celebrated in a big way. In our last episode, we have discovered that the average price tag of getting engaged in Australia was anything between $10 to $20 000.
Now, since 80% of couples who get engaged continue with their plans, our next question is ‘Will getting married send you broke?’.
This is what this episode of the Cost of Loving is looking at.

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