The Dark Web: Dissecting the Money and Motivations of the James-Tati saga.

Maybe you’ve heard about the drama that unfolded in that one fateful week in mid May, when an epic battle over friendship, loyalty, celebrity and power ensued online.

Well, realistically it wasn’t about any of that. Indeed the James Charles – Tati Westbrook feud that commanded the world’s attention for much of the week has come to a close, and we need to conduct a post mortem on what insights the mud slinging, the yaas queening, the virtue signalling and the unsubscribing says about our collective humanity. Was it all just a genius ploy to sell products?

We were joined in studio by Clare Stephens, editor at Mamamia, to take nuanced look at the mechanics, motivations and money that drove this online saga.

You can read more of Claire’s work here.

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