The Fire And Passion Of Yola

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Durand Jones & the Indicatons – American Love Call (FEATURE ALBUM)

Hand Habits – placeholder
The Stroppies – Whoosh
Yola – Walk Through Fire
Stephen Bailey – 9
Faux Ferocious – Pretty Groovy
Cilla Jane – Happy Hour
POND – Tasmania

Coming to us through Easy Eye Sound (Dan Auerbach’s label), is British singer-songwriter Yola and her powerful debut album ‘Walk Through the Fire’. Yola’s childhood was surrounded by poverty, and a parent who was unsupportive of her creative endeavours, and essentially banned any music making. She was also homeless at one point, is a survivor of an abusive relationship, and devastating house fire that left her injured, which is the inspiration behind the record’s name. Before moving to Nashville, she built a career in music becoming a session singer and working mainly with Massive Attack. Much of ‘Walk Through the Fire’ chronicles those turbulent experiences in Yola’s life but there’s a resilience, and toughness running through it. You wouldn’t think of this on first listen though, with a rollicking and uplifting sound bed of lap steel, fiddle, electronic organ, and strings. A truly gorgeous listen.

Taking centre stage once again is Hand Habits, the solo moniker of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and guitarist Meg Duffy. Their second album ‘placeholder’ is a real shimmering effort, and sees Meg at their most affecting and collaborative. Their debut album was largely a private and solo effort, but for their follow up they’ve brought on some trusted allies, with Meg making great strides at being a band leader. Clear-sighted, and sweetly folk-flavoured songs that are equal parts delicate, and driving.

And over in Perth is Stephen Bailey who usually fronts heavy psych rockers Mt. Mountain. ‘9’ is Bailey’s latest solo album, and we find his arrangements sparser and softer than when in Mt. Mountain but still retaining as widescreen vision. Built on woozy keys, guitars that have this boundless chime, smooth bass grooves, and a crooner-friendly voice with a brilliant, warbly character.

And new singles from beloved Melbourne group Black Cab, Teeth & Tongue’s Jess Cornelius, Fair Maiden, Drugdealer, AA Bondy, and Pottery.

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