The Merch Desk, Getting Indie Muso Merch Into Fan Hands

COVD-19 has undoubtedly had detrimental effects on the music industry. There are, however, a multitude of individuals in the industry who are responding with real ingenuity. One of those people is Joseph Knox-Wheeler, founder of the Merch Desk, a company that has made it completely free for artists to set up and sell their own range of merchandise online. Essentially an artist creates a profile, then uploads their designs and sets the prices to whatever they’d like. Brisbane-based company, The Print Bar, process, print and ship the merch directly to the customer within 3-5 business days. To maximise the profit that artists see The Merch Desk only takes $1, and print bar charge a reduced production fee. The service offers fans a new way to support their favourite artists – by repping their brand and sending cash their way. It also allows fans to discover a whole new wave of music, arts and artists to love.

We spoke to Joseph about how it all works.

For more info, check The Merch Desk website.

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