The Millenial Crisis

Millennials are one of the loneliest generations, with the highest rates of depression and anxiety. The generation with the most connection and the least community. 

When Demi decided to quit her job and travel to South America she took a leap of faith, but like so many others, that leap of faith was abruptly intercepted by a global pandemic, pressing pause on her plans and sending her back home uninspired and unemployed.

but Demi’s story isn’t about stolen youth or squandered dreams, it’s about how she turned an obstacle into an opportunity for a generation of young people.

 Founder of the podcast and social movement ‘The Millennial Crisis’, Demi Kotsoris, has made it her mission to bring together like-minded millennials from across the globe in the hope of reinspiring and connecting this group of digital nomads. She joined Tina Quinn on The Daily. 


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