The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels by Janice Hallett – Part Three

We discuss chapters 6-8 of Janice Hallett‘s bizarre media-meta-fiction ‘Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels’. Amanda Bailey’s toying with Oliver Menzies has taken the investigation to a new extreme. Oliver’s delusions are pushing him to action, and as Amanda approaches the actual truth, he fabricates a whole new one, and takes action. How do the disparate pieces of both fact and fiction collide in the ominous night that became the Alperton Angels suicide? Only a few players know all, and they will not let their work be undone so lightly.

We’re also joined by Janice herself to talk a bit about the construction of the novel, the inspiration behind the characters, and how we view all-powerful entities. Also check out Janice’s article on True Crime writers in The Guardian.

Check out Part One and Part Two here!

Thank you to Viper Books for their assistance in arranging our interview with Janice.

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