The Power of the Documentary: Breaking the Silence

If you enjoy watching thought provoking documentaries you might want to get along to the Museum of Contemporary Art or Riverside Theatres in Parramatta from November 28 to December 9.

These two venues will be presenting a film festival called The Power of the Documentary: Breaking the Silence, featuring 26 landmark documentaries from the past 70 years, curated by John Pilger.

One of those documentaries is Lousy Little Sixpence, screening at the MCA on November 30.

Made in the early 1980’s by Alec Morgan, Lousy Little Sixpence was one of the first Australian films to document the experience of Indigenous Australia’s Stolen Generations.

The film created quite an impact at the time and Alec Morgan has been documenting the lives and stories of indigenous Australians ever since.

Alec Morgan is currently working on a new film called Ablaze but he was happy to chat with Michael Jones about his experiences making such a landmark documentary.

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