The Rules of Backyard Cricket by Jock Serong Part Two

We discuss chapters 9-14 in Jock Serong’s The Rules of Backyard Cricket. While Darren is still stuck and injured in the back of a car, slowly trying to free himself. As his reminisces on a roller-coaster career continue, adulthood has finally arrived. Now competing for the Australian national side, Darren finds himself amidst scandal after scandal. Caught unawares in the middle of unscrupulous gambling, the 60-Grand-Man finds his family torn apart after his niece is kidnapped, and in court over the death of a teenager who died after a night out clubbing with him. Is there any escape from the boot or his past? We also chat with Jock Serong about the inspirations behind this tale, its reception and his new book, The Burning Island.
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