“The Simpler Way”

Climate change is the great issue of our times, the greatest moral issue, the greatest economic issue and a great survival issue, and obviously many of us want to tackle it however we can. But realistically can we do our bit to fight the effects of climate change and still enjoy our morning cappuccino, our Maccas breakfast, or keep living in the life we’re accustomed to? Probably not, in fact fighting climate change might mean radical change. Dr Ted Trainer is a Conjoint Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and author of The Simpler Way: Working for Transition from Consumer Society to a Simplar, More Cooperative, Just and Ecologically Sustainable Society, which he joined us to discuss.

If you like to know more details about the ” The Simple Way”,  you can check the website: http://thesimplerway.info/ to find out more.

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