The Slims Announce New Single “Street Dog”

Found somewhere between The Shadows’ ‘verbed out guitar tones, and the vast and evocative spirit of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns, The Slims transpose the adventures of a western gunslinger onto the city’s urban landscape.  Exploring themes of youth and societal pressures in an age of expectation, their 2022 release ‘Crooks’ came as a surprise to many with its uncanny blend of psychedelia and Americana (or, dare we say, Australiana?), standing alone in the sonic soundscape of Sydney.


The Slims’ upcoming EP features a continuation of this vast sonic expression whilst showcasing a sharper command of melody, rhythm and lyrics. The first track ‘Street Dog’ explores the endless push-pull dynamic between one’s desire for safety vs. a longing for adventure. Embracing its American and Western influences, the band was selected as a finalist in the Gympie Muster Talent Search and are set to perform on the main stage in late August. The Slims joined 2SER’s Sean Hatzi to chat about “Street Dog” ahead of its premiere.

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