Stigma holding back to GP’s from providing medical abortion care

Following South Australia being the latest Australian jurisdiction to formally decriminalize abortion two months ago, having an abortion became a healthcare issue rather than a criminal act. 

But although many celebrated the legislation passing, the stigma attached to having an abortion and providing abortion care remained almost nationally. 

Currently the two options available for women wanting to have an abortion depends on how far along their pregnancy is. The medical option that is available up to sixty-three days of pregnancy can be provided in primary care settings, but the problem is that there is not enough general practitioners to provide abortion care. 

Joined by Professor Kristen Black, an academic gynecologist at The University of Sydney, we talk about her article about abortion care and why there is stigma attached to GP’s wanting to provide the abortion care.

If you are a general practitioner and want to learn more about registering for medical abortion care, head to or call 1300 003 707. 

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