The Success of Pink Sari

In 2014, women from South Asian communities – from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan – had the lowest rates of breast cancer screening in New South Wales. Breast cancer screenings, or mammograms, are vital for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer in women aged 50 to 74. But for some reason, only 1 in 5 women from South Asian communities were getting them.

This is the story of the public health initiative that not only turned this statistic around, but in doing so brought a community of women together in celebration of the strengths of our multicultural nation.

Producer/Presenter: Cheyne Anderson


Shantha Viswanathan – Pink Sari Inc

Viji Dhayanathan – Pink Sari Inc

Michael Camit – NSW Multicultural Health Communications Service, and PhD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney

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