The Sydney Festival presents Message Bank: location-base media digital theatre

You’re handed a phone, a briefcase, and the chance to listen in on the secret lives of others. But beware, the power to peek behind the curtain cuts both ways. The Message Bank installation at Parramatta Square is an immersive audio experience not to be missed.

On the Western Sydney side of the Sydney Festival, Message Bank is a 45-minute immersive location-based audio experience that tells the story of Charlie, a recruit responsible for listening in on the secret lives of others. The audience take on the role of Charlie as they navigate Parramatta Square. 

Reunions, break ups, conspiracy theories sprinkled with truth, and deals done out of sight, all require the ear of Charlie to decide who amongst them is innocent and who could disrupt the peace. The installation uses location-based media and binaural audio for an immersive digital experience and story telling – if Pokemon Go and Jack Bauer had a baby, this would be it.

Sean Hatzinikolaou caught up with Creative Director, Nick Atkins on the Breakfast show.

Check out Message Bank at Parramatta Park on January 13 – 21, 2023.

Tickets are free! But be quick, there’s limited space and the first few sessions have sold out!

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