The Tuckshop x Elefant Traks – A 2SER birthday special

About six weeks ago, Elefant Traks, one of the most influential Australian record labels to ever exist, announced that after 25 years it would be closing its doors..

The label will be going out in style with a huge party at the Opera House on 26th May, but The Tuckshop did something special in conjunction with 2SER’s 45th birthday. 

For two hours, we took you on a journey through the origins of Electric Traks, a selection of songs from a range of artists that have been on the label over the last 25 years. We talked about the bonds that link 2SER and Elefant Traks and played a few special stings and messages from the huge ET fam.

But, we didn’t do it alone! We are joined in the studio tonight, for the whole two hours, by Kenny Sabir – the founder of Elefant Traks as well as Kaho (aka Unkle Ho). Get ready for nostalgia, old stories, core memories, great music and some surprises!

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