The Urban Field Naturalist Project

During these tough lockdowns, one of our few pleasures has been to get outside, go for a walk, and feel the sun on our faces. Being amongst nature, especially at this time of year, is so therapeutic and satisfying. If you have an affection for mother nature and all she has to offer, you might want to consider participating in the ‘Urban Field Naturalist Project.’ This project encourages nature lovers to observe the fauna and flora that exist all around us; in our backyards, on our balconies, in the parks, and growing and living on the sidewalks in our city. Participants write their stories and submit them to the Urban Field Naturalist Project website. These stories help researchers understand the different life, ecosystems, and worlds that exist within our urban areas.

Dr. John Martin, a research scientist from the Taronga Zoo Institute for Science and Learning, joined Breakfast’s Willy Russo to discuss the ‘Urban Field Naturalist Project’ and how animal and nature lovers can get involved.



Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

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