The Voice or Treaty – 26 Jan 2023 #SurvivalDay

Image by: @karinamay_reyes ( more images inside)

The Voice or Treaty – 26 Jan 2023  #Survival Day. Do you observe “Australia Day.”  Yes,  26 January.  Every year in Australia. It is the anniversary of when the British fleet emissary planted their flag on Sydney Cove in 1788 on Aboriginal Land.

Australians are increasingly divided. Is it about a #Survival Day, #Invasion Day, #Sovereignty Day, #A Day of Mourning OR #Aboriginal Australia Day. Razors Edge went out on the streets of Sydney to find out more.  Coverage of – Wugulora morning ceremony, Barangaroo Reserve, #Survival Day & #Invasion Day March and Yabun Festival.

Reporter/Producer:  Annamarie Reyes


@karinamay_reyes#survivalday march

AmReyesED 26 Jan 23 #Survival Day March







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