The Week That Was – 19th March 2021

It’s been a difficult week for women across Australia, as national discussions about sexual assault and sexism continue to gain momentum — exposing the magnitude of the problem. On Monday, women across Australia participated in the March 4 Justice — with Brittany Higgins speaking at the rally in Canberra: “we are not here because we want to be here, but because we have to be here — the system is broken”. Prime Minister Scott Morrison commented it was a triumph that the protestors outside Parliament House weren’t “being met with bullets”. At the same time, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller proposed a “consent app” to address the growing problem of sexual assault within the state. The idea triggered significant backlash as “ridiculous” and “ignorant” due to its inadequacy in dealing with the broader societal perception of consent and respect towards women. 

Anthony Dockrill joined Alex James to recap the tumultuous week that was…

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