The Week that Was with Anthony Dockrill – 12th November 2021

Anthony Dockrill joins 2Ser Breakfast this Friday morning to reflect on the Week that Was. This week saw the COP26 conference wrap up after world leaders came together to discuss climate change. The Unites States and China made headlines as they revealed intent to put aside difference in tackling climate change.

As big new was coming from other nations, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison kept a low key presence. Australia was provided less direction and more campaign slogans as the federal elections loom. “Can-do Capitalism” and “Science not taxes” are the best directions the Scott Morrison government can provide. Anthony critics the lack of direction from both the federal government and the opposition who for the most part remain quiet on speaking about important issue.

With no clear instruction or leadership, will businesses be able about to lead the charge against climate change? Is Can-do capitalism enough climate policy for Australia? Listen to the Week that Was with Anthony Dockrill for more…

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