The Weekly Wrap

Monday saw the reporting of  killing of 133 whales by the Japanese, 122 of which were pregnant. Also in that region,  a meeting with North and South Korea occurred – was this an attempt to get under Donald Trump’s saggy skin?

Slightly more positive on Tuesday, a toddler was saved from a balcony in France by a 22 year old Malian refugee – the 22 year old has been granted citizenship and a job as a firefighter…how fitting. The father of the toddler was also hanging… the mercy of the court. He was arrested for negligence.

On Wednesday, Barnaby has gone bye bye! He has decided to take a month off parliamentary duties. We are also waving goodbye to the TV show Roseanne. ABC pulled the plug on this show after a racist tweet was made by the show’s actress Roseanne Barr. Donald Trump expects an apology to be given to Roseanne. Bye Bye Barnaby and Barr

Thursday saw a towering inferno in Sydney’s CBD. 70 firefighters were called to Macquarie St to put out the blaze. Thursday also saw Harvey Weinstein indicted with Rape and Criminal Sex act charges.

What a week its been!!! I think we all need a chill weekend, don’t you think?

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