The Weekly Wrap – 31st May 2019

Rounding up the week of news Nick Parmeter ran through the current stories hitting the headlines:

This week started big with the official opening of the Sydney Metro which had the driver less trains running smoothly for the most part, there was one hiccup with a train breaking down en route to Cherrybrook which was fixed relatively quickly.

A shocking attack has taken place in Kawasaki, Japan with a deadly mass stabbing leaving 2 dead and at least 16 injured most being pupils of the local primary school.

A 27 year old man has been denied bail after being charged with the murder of Courtney Herron. She is the 20th woman to be murdered in Australia this year.

Chinese maritime leisure vessels are allegedly responsible for laser attacks on Australian Navy pilots in the South China Sea.

And new Labor leader Anthony Albanese has met with the caucus and decided on the frontbench which should be announced next week.




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