The Weekly Wrap


Monday was bad news for the current governing party who saw their 34th consecutive losing poll. An 11 year old girl was kidnapped and raped in Adamstown Heights. Police have praised the girl as a hero. 

On Tuesday the State Budget was handed down – but is it smoke and mirrors? Disappointingly, the vigil for comedian Eurydice Dixon’s was vandalised in Melbourne. There was however a string turnout both in Melbourne and other cities around the nation.

In Wednesdays news, Telstra announced it will be axing 8000 jobs, whilst Trump threatened to impose extra tariffs on Chinese goods.

The Turnbull governments $144bn income tax cuts were passed on Thursday. Pauline Hanson was quick to take credit. Liquidators for Toys’R’Us announced that 800 employees have now lost their jobs. Meanwhile Trump signed an executive order promising to keep refugee families together, before speaking out against refugees at rally.

In other news, the Winter solstice came and went on – the days are now getting lighter again!

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