The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill – Part Two

We discuss chapters 12-24 of Sulari Gentill’s ‘The Woman in the Library’, her second standalone metafictional mystery. We’re also joined by Dani Vee from Words and Nerds, to join herds in the hotseat as we scale the mountain of realities facing us as writers write writers writing writers. In Freddie’s reality, she struggles with her feelings for Cain as increasingly dark facets of his past emerge, making the aftermath of Whit’s injury and Marigold’s bizarre fascinations even more difficult to stomach. In Hannah’s world, Letters From Leo have taken an even darker turn, a humble correspondence seemingly gone horribly wrong.
And in Sulari’s world, two schmucks sit down across a table to grill her about every which decision, and still can’t seem to take a bloody hint.
Thanks to Ultimo Press for copies of the book, and for arranging our time with Sulari!
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