The Year 2001 and the Secret Garden of UTS

Do you remember 2001?
The year a group of twenty-somethings brought St Kilda to our screens in The Secret Life of Us, the year Ansett released it’s infamous advertisementAm I with Ansett? Absolutely– only to collapse months later along with One.Tel, HIH and Enron. It was the year that Francesca Higgens, a Librarian, became the first woman to be awarded a year of paid maternity leave.

It was also the year that a Norwegian fishing boat called the MV Tampa intercepted a wooden fishing vessel packed with asylum seekers.

And it was the year when most people can tell you where they were on September 11 when the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon occurred.

Tamson and Anna speak to Phillipa McGuinness whose book, The Year Everything Changed 2001, chronicles her personal history along with the events of that year.

Then we move to a small rooftop garden – it’s not really a secret, the Waraburra Nura Indigenous garden is open to the public and was created as part of the University of Technology Sydney Arts plan to integrate creativity within all aspects of campus life.

The garden was created by botanist and D’harawal senior, Aunty Fran Bodkin.

Tamson and Anna spoke to Stella McDonald about UTS Art and Aaron Seymour from UTS Design about the exhibitions and creative work at the University.

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