Theatre: Project Bestfriendship

Three intrepid playwrights who met when they were young and full of hope now venture out into the dark, cynical world of 2019.

A very silly, fun and self-aware play named Project Bestfriendship has been put together by three best friends and emerging playwrights – Ang Collins, Eliza Oliver and Charles O’Grady – seeking to overturn the stereotype of the lonely solo playwright toiling by themselves.

Sam Baran spoke to co-writer and director Charles O’Grady about the play and some of the struggles of being a creative in 2019.

Project Bestfriendship is on at 7:30pm every night this week until Saturday at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Theatre in Penrith. You can find details and tickets here.

Wednesday 27th of February, 2019

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