Think: Sustainability

Think: Sustainability is about practical actions for a better planet. From waste to wealth, and grids to growth, the show digs into the impact of consumption across all areas of life — it tracks the movements, discoveries and technologies making way for a sustainable future.

This week 

We've relaunched! We're back with a new look and format, shifting to a seasonal release. In the first episode of our new season, we look at whether we should capture and store our carbon emissions.

As global carbon emissions rise year in year out, many are brainstorming creative ways to reduce how much we’re spitting out into the environment. However, there’s one technology that’s raising just as many eyebrows as it is has others hopeful. This episode we explore the potential of Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), and why around the globe we’re seeing a lack of political will and investment into the technology.

This episode features: Rebecca Cunningham - Institute for Sustainable Futures at University of Technology Sydney.


Having roamed the halls of 2SER for more than 4 years, Jake has had his fingers in many radio pies. Jake now hosts and produces both Think: Health and Think: Sustainability, worked as a producer for 2SER’s first podcast series Just Words and co-hosted 2SER’s late flagship LGBTI talks program Gay Panic.