Thursday Drive – Australian Guitar Quartet: Bach, Bossa and Beyond

The Australian Guitar Quartet, a newly formed supergroup of guitar-playing legends, will be showcasing the guitar’s versatility in Bach to Bossa and Beyond, the first of five concerts at Sydney’s Great Synagogue. Featuring the mind-bending virtuosity, electrifying rhythms, and sultry melodies of the Grigoryan Brothers, Andrew Blanch, and Vladimir Gorbach – Bach to Bossa and Beyond is a kaleidoscopic show spanning 300 years of music, where you can expect to hear Bach, The Carmen Suite, Houghton’s Opals, and the sounds of Latin American Bossa Nova. This week at Thursday Drive Beth has a chat with Andrew Blanch,  a member and one of the virtuosic talents of the Australian Guitar Quartet.

If you’d like to see the Australian Guitar Quartet’s ‘Bach to Bossa and Beyond’ – You’ll have to go see it on March 1st – because the first show has sold out! You can find out more about the show over at

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