Tip Of The Tongue, Tip Of The Sphere

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Welcome to the new music review where we connect you with some of the best new music from around the world. Read on, click through to our Spotify playlist and enjoy it all on 2SER!

Mercury Rev – Bobbie Gentry’s Delta Sweete Revisited (FEATURE ALBUM)

Cass McCombs – Tip of the Sphere
Panda Bear – Buoys
Jessica Pratt – Quiet Signs
Unloved – Heartbreak
Girlpool – What Chaos is Imaginary
Mandolin Orange – Tides of a Teardrop
Holiday Ghosts – West Bay Playroom

Let’s kick things off with California based singer songwriter Cass McCombs and his ninth album ‘The Tip of the Sphere’.In a similar vein to its predecessor, and 2016 2SER Feature Album ‘Mangy Love’, this record is a spellbinding and expansive journey merging jam-style rock and psych-folk grooves. Though the combination of these sounds aren’t revelatory, the measure of influences are deep and McCombs idiosyncratic, and vivid storytelling makes for a thrilling listen throughout.

We also see the return of Noah Lennox to his Panda Bear moniker to release his sixth solo album ‘Buoys’. This is one of Lennox’s more sparser records, with synths taking a back seat, and instead samples, vocal harmonies and hip-hop production at the fore. Lennox paints in abstract colours and carefully layers psychedelic, oddball textures that at times makes you feel like this you’re listening to this record underwater.

And find, sweetly homespun and intimate sounds on Jessica Pratt‘s latest ‘Quiet Signs’. Pratt draws on the gothic and mellower tangents of folk, with some jazz tinges across some of the tracks too. A mostly acoustic album comprised of guitar, keys and flute arrangements, and augmented by Pratt’s distinct, otherworldly and whispered vocals.

Plus singles from Victoria (a new project featuring members from Youth Group and The Vines), Mountain Man’s Molly Sarle, Web Rumors out of Perth, Skydeck out of Melbourne, and Benny Sings (a new signee to Stones Throw Records).

Sunday 10th of February, 2019

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