Totally Team Unicorn

For the past few years, Sydney via Wollongong outfit Totally Unicorn have been galloping up and down the East Coast of Australia, spreading their infectious party mathcore music to jubilant and unsuspecting punters alike. There’s those who are more than happy to embrace the rapturous nature of the band, and those who get so tied up in the moment of watching Totally Unicorn live, that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Following on from the chaotic nature of their 2016 debut album Dream Life, the band’s follow up – 2019’s Sorry – showed a darker version of the band.
One that was twisted by the torment of relationship breakdowns, a shift in their lineup and general life apathy.

Three years on though from that moment in time, sees the band release their third album High Spirits // Low Life, and really hit their stride.
Working on that sweet spot between big swinging riffs, tight fills and the usual Australian sense of self deprecation, there are no wrong turns on this record.

This is a band at the top of their game that have new lease of life and when combined with plentiful personalities, High Spirits // Low Life harness the scrappy energy of their first record combined with the emotional turmoil of their second.
The perfect blend.

Vocalist Drew caught up with Cameron on The Band Next Door on 2SER to chat about tackling the mighty and mythical third album, havin’ a crack singing and first world problems.

High Spirits // Low Life is out now on their hometown label Farmer & The Owl

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