Transgender Bathroom Debate

If you’re caught short in public and have a choice between a male or female bathroom which do you use? It’s easy for most of us – men use the men’s and women use the women’s – what about those of us who were born one way but identify the other? This is turning out to be a big political debate in America at the moment.

In North Carolina a melded version of the universal symbols for men’s and women’s restrooms has taken on new significance as some private business owners are displaying it to show their opposition to a state law requiring transgender people to use bathrooms and locker rooms assigned to the gender on their birth certificate — rather than the one that aligns with their gender identity — in government buildings and state schools.

Is it a storm in a teacup or a real issue and what does it mean for us here in Australia? We had social commentator and founder of leading opinion site Alex Tselios on the line to to talk to us a bit more about the bathroom gender politics debate.

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