Trent’s Last Case by E.C. Bentley – Part Three

We discuss Edmund Clerihew Bentley’s iconic novel, ‘Trent’s Last Case’, from chapters 12-16. The case is over, Trent takes his standard journalist’s pay for his work, and resorts back to his artistic exploits and a jaunt through Europe. Soon though, the death of Sigsbee Manderson becomes a ghost of its’ own sort, haunting Trent’s journey and ensuing romance with Mabel. After a long wait, Cupples reunites to debrief on the case, and celebrate the romance, only for a cruel twist to afford itself to Trent.

We also speak with Martin Edwards, president of The Detection Club, CWA Diamond Dagger Winner, and acclaimed murder mystery author and historian, to talk about what made ‘Trent’s Last Case’ such a monument in crime fiction history, but also why we hear so little of E.C. Bentley’s further work. Martin’s latest historical non-fiction is ‘Life of Crime’, a dense and enthralling read for crime fiction fans, and his latest original fiction, ‘Blackstone Fell’ is our next and final novel for 2022!

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