Tuesday Book Club: ‘The Book of Dirt’ by Bram Presser

Reflecting on tales of oppression and conflict, ‘The Book of Dirt’, tells the story of Bram Presser’s family and their journey to escape Nazi occupation in Europe in the 1930’s. Centered around the author’s grandfather, Jakub Rand, Presser searches to uncover Rand’s identity through the many lives he had been forced to live. While Presser can reflect on warm and cherished memories of his grandfather, through investigation of his family he finds he may not truly know his grandfather due to the many lives he was forced to live.

While the story is focused around Bram’s family, this historical fiction piece also focuses on Presser’s understanding of himself and his understanding of his family’s struggles. Based on factual stories of his family’s history, Bram has to imagine the past experiences and individuals that may have been lost due to the brutality of history. Touching on themes of remembering, storytelling, family and love, ‘The Book of Dirt’ is a remarkable story of family legacy. You can hear Andrew Pople talk more on ‘The Book of Dirt’ at 2Ser’s Final Draft.

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