Tuesday Book Club: Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

In honour of Sydney’s Writers Fest, the boys are talking about artists and authors on the lineup, and this week they focus on George Saunders. Lincoln In the Bardo is the first novel for the American author, best known for his short stories and essays. Set in the 1862, it examines the life of Lincoln Abraham and the death of his 11 year old son, William. Exploring themes of grief, loss and the value of life, Saunders writes about the balance Lincoln faces between the loss of his son, and the death and destruction of the civil war. Set in the cemetery, Will finds himself stuck in between the world of life and death, left with an arrangement of ghosts discussing their life and their ‘sick boxes’. You can hear more of Andrew Pople chatting about books and with authors on 2ser’s Final Draft.



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