Tuesday Book Club with Andrew Pople: Wrestle! By Gus Skattebol-James

In a first for Tuesday Book Club, Tess and Andrew are discussing a children’s book!

“Wrestle!” by Gus Skattebol, Maya Newell and Charlotte Mars of “Gayby Baby” fame is a charming LGBTQIA book that focuses of issues of identity and acceptance within the gay community.

The book centers around a young boy who wants to attend Mardi Gras celebrations with his two mothers dressed up as his aspirant profession: a wrestler.

But his mothers wonder if encouraging the young boy’s interest in such a hyper-masculine activity is the right thing to do.

With gorgeous illustrations by Tom Jellett, this book is a rare example of children’s fiction with gay primary characters. It is an important addition to the library of any parent aiming to raise a conscientious child.

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