Twitter, Medibank and Optus hacked: is your online data safe?

Are you a customer of Optus, Medibank or Telstra? Do you have a Twitter account? Even if you’re not, chances are that you might have heard about the recent data leaks that have affected people who make use of these services.


In the case of Medibank, a whopping 9.7 million customers were affected by a hacking operation led by Russian cyber criminals. More recently, the email addresses of 200 million users of Twitter were leaked online.


Cyber security has been an issue from the moment the first computing system was created. However, in the 21st century more individuals are directly at the mercy of cyber security breaches.


We spoke to Dr Jeffrey Foster, Associate Professor in Cyber Security Studies at Macquarie University about online data and cyber safety.


If you suspect your data has been leaked, you can visit:

To report a cyber attack you can visit:



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