Underage strip-searches and a Class Action against NSW Police

Earlier this year, the LECC reportedly found that officers under investigation for unlawful strip searches did not attempt to contact a parent, guardian or support person, which is required by law for anyone under the age of 18.

Despite finding all four incidents were unlawful, the ruling did not present findings of misconduct against the officers involved in the strip searches. This week Redfern Legal centre has announced that along with Slater and Gordon they are beginning formal investigations into the possibility of a landmark class action against the state’s police force over alleged “systemic” misuse of strip searches in the past six years.

The class-action lawsuit would push both for damages to be awarded to victims of illegal searches conducted by police, and broader changes to their use by police. The Daily was joined by solicitor at the Redfern Legal Centre; Samantha Lee to discuss this issue.

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