Unfair Eviction

Last month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a moratorium on evictions to support who are having financial problems amid to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But the day after that announcement, Sweet Potato sent out an email to all its tenants stating that nothing will change and that it was irresponsible to all non-Australians to remain on the country and should have left weeks ago.

That email was shared on Facebook that created backlash on Sweet Potato, who removed all online presence since that email was released. Now, tenants are struggling to find a new place as the rental company are now evicting everyone by the 20th of April and some are struggling to return or find a new home.

Erielle Sudario speaks with one of Sweet Potato’s tenants’ Conner Collins, who shares the detail on the events that unfolded since that email was sent to them.

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