Urvi Went to an All Girls School And We Want To Go With Her

Urvi Went To An All Girls School is a new three part comedy directed by Nina Oyama and Urvi Majumdar.

Set in 2010 Melbourne, the show follows main character Urvi, an emo social outcast finishing year 12 at an academic all girls school. Her parents want her to achieve a final grade of 99.95 but Urvi is on a desperate quest to get hot, get a boyfriend and get an invite to the Beaumont Boys Formal.

The show is part of the 2023 Fresh Blood initiative by Screen Australia and ABC to launch new Australian talent.

Nina Oyama joined Danny Chiffley on Breakfast to talk about making of the series.

Urvi Went To An All Girls School is available to watch now on ABCtv + iview YouTube.

Image provided: Characters Urvi and Sara in a classroom scene.

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