UTS Art: Integrating creative practice with university research

Photo: Jessica Maurer Photography


Why do universities need art galleries?

UTS Art aims to integrate creative practice into daily life on campus in the belief that scholarship can extend art practice and conversely, creativity can expand a university’s research.

On this episode, Tamson and Anna speak to Stella McDonald (UTS Art) and Aaron Seymour (UTS School Design) about the UTS Art Program. Plus, we take a look at a current exhibition, Hello World: Code and Design, which examines the role of code and design. 

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UTS Art or on Instagram

Hello World: Code and Design exhibition

Super Critical Mass on ABC News

Wurraburranurra Native Garden at UTS 

Super Critical Mass (Antonette Collins, ABC News, December 2017)

Free Universal Construction Kit (video thanks to Riley Harmon)

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