Van Gogh Alive – Full Immersion

The artworks of Vincent Van Gogh are stunning, and his mastery over colour is something many admire. It’s astonishing to ponder on how such a tortured soul saw so much beauty in his own world. You would think his art couldn’t get anymore more spectacular, well you’d have thought wrong. An exhibition with the rather apt name ‘Van Gogh Alive’, pays homage to the beautiful and dramatic artworks of Van Gogh by creating an indulgent, immersive and multi-sensory experience of his works. This is done by combining music, space, lighting and movement to form one immersive experience. The exhibition has been taken to over 50 cities and had over 6 million visitors worldwide, and it has now come around to our neck of the woods. Head of Creative Design for the exhibition, Gary Moynihan, was on the line to share more.


‘Van Gogh Alive: The Experience’, presented by Grande Exhibitions, is showing from 18th September. Tickets available here.

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