Vikki Petraitis’ The Unbelieved

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Vikki Petraitis’ The Unbelieved

Vikki Petraitis is a writer, presenter, teacher and podcaster. She is well known for her true crime writing and today she is joining us with her new book, so uncomfortably close to real life, it could be ripped from the headlines, The Unbelieved. 

A woman stumbles out of a bar, unsteady on her feet. A man has followed her out but as he grabs at her it’s clear he’s not there help…

A string of drink spiking incidents in bars around Deception Bay points to a serial rapist. So why isn’t anyone joining the dots? Detective sergeant Antigone Pollard has seen this before. It’s the case that drove her out of Melbourne. 

Can she take on the system that says it’s all a bit of fun and boys will be boys? Can she help the women of Deception Bay protect themselves?

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