Volunteers Refurbishing Bikes For Health Care Workers and Aussies In Need

Have you hopped on a bike recently? It’s a fantastic way to get from a to b not only for the myriad of health and environmental benefits but at the moment it’s a great way to avoid public transport and crowds during the pandemic.

We spoke with a volunteer-run organisation that is usually running workshops to teach people to build, maintain and repair bikes but due to the covid-19 restrictions had to shift gears. The Bicycle Garden’s current program is to refurbish bicycles and offer them to front line workers and those in need.

Susie Shapones, a volunteer bicycle mechanic at The Bicycle Garden joined us to talk about their current program.

Photo: So pleased to give this great Trek hybrid to Connor for his daily commute. He is a nurse at RPA working nights in the emergency department. He explained how, even though there has been an uptick in DIY-related minor injuries during covid, there has also been a huge decrease in drunk driving accidents, which makes every at the hospital very happy! Another hero helping to keep us safe. (caption and photo supplied by The Bicycle Garden)

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