Wankernomics 2.0 – How to be a certified office wanker

If the terms “I want this by C-O-B”, “let’s touch base” and “let’s break down the silos” really speaks to your soul, then you should check out Wankernomics 2.0 – As Per My Last Email.

Part of the Sydney Comedy Festival, writer and comedians James Schloeffel from The Shovel, and Charles Firth from The Chaser, are overpaid consultants that navigate the workplace. Learn how to outmanoeuvre your colleagues with nothing more than an obnoxious LinkedIn profile, a pack of Post-It notes, and the phase ‘circle back’.

James Schloeffel touched-base with Danny Chifley on the breakfast show.

Wankernomics 2.0 plays at Enmore Theatre on 2nd May & 10th May only. Bite the bullet and get your tickets by EOD on sydneycomedyfest.com.au

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