Wayne’s 4 x 2: A Hero, Horsegirl, and MORE!

It’s 10.15 on a Thursday, so Happy Wayne Day everyone! The special day every week where we lucky listeners are given the gift of entertainment by the one and only Wayne Massingham. Each week Wayne gives us the best in film, tv, and music to keep us sane through the daily grind. Don’t forget to leave some popcorn by the fireplace – it’s time for Wayne’s 4 x 2.

Four reviews. Two minutes each.

Here’s what he had for us.


Film: A Hero

From acclaimed Iranian director Asghar Fashadi, A Hero follows the story of Rahim, a family man who is arrested for delaying the repayment of his debts. By chance he finds a bag full of gold coins that could help pay off his debts. Rahim stuggles with the moral dilemma of either taking the money for himself or returning it to its rightful owner. The film is expertly made and gives unique insight into Iranian culture and their views on community and honour. A Hero was the Grand Prix winner at Cannes 2021 and is available in select cinemas.

Watch the trailer here.


Album: Big Time Angel Olson

Big Time is the latest album from singer songwriter Angel Olson. After a run of experimental and orchestral-backed albums, Olson returns to her roots with a full-bore country album reminiscent of the stylings of Patsy Kline and Dolly Parton. Big Time  was written after a time of great personal upheaval in Olson’s life; making it a very personal – but also her most confident album.

Big Time is available on Spotify.


Film: Emergency

Directed by Carey Williams Emergency is a smart comedy-drama thriller that redefines the College Film genre. After a night of partying, three college students of African-American and Hispanic descent find a white woman unconscious in their apartment. Afraid of being charged with any wrongdoing, the trio opt to not contact emergency services, but instead try to get the woman to safety without raising suspicion. Emergency is an intelligent film that scrutinizes the experiences of racially diverse young men in American through a satirical lens. Emergency  is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the trailer here.


Album: Versions of Modern Performance Horsegirl

Versions of Modern Performance is the debut album from new kids on the block Horsegirl. The trio formed the band in high school band and have recieved nothing but high praise from critics after their EP release earlier this year. Needless to say, Versions of Modern Performance was highly anticipated, but more than lives up to expectations. The album is very well put together and draws inspiration from grunge and alt-rock with a modern twist.

Versions of Modern Performance is available on Spotify.


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