Wayne’s 4 X 2: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, The English and MORE!

Do you want something to watch but aren’t sure where to start? 

2SER’s entertainment wizard, Wayne Massingham is back and he’s got you covered with his reviews of the latest and greatest in film and music.

It’s Wayne’s 4 by 2!

4 Reviews, 2 minutes each.

Here’s what he had for us this morning.  


Film: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

Directed by Laura Poitras and nominated for the Oscar for Best documentary, this film chronicles the life of American photographer and activist Nan Goldin and her battle with the Sackler Family, owners of the pharmaceutical companies Purdue Pharma and Mundipharma. Nan Goldin’s artistry and uphill battle against the opioid crisis that Purdue Pharma refused to take accountability for is an illuminating and engrossing portrait of a life well fought.

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed is in cinemas now. Watch the trailer here.


Television: The English

From director Hugo Blick comes a revisionist Western exploring the experiences of English people in the American Frontier in 1890. Emily blunt stars as Lady Cornelia Locke, who comes to the American West seeking revenge against the man who murdered her son. On this journey she meets Sgt. Eli Whipp, played by Chaske Spencer, a member of the Pawneee nation who is traveling to receive the land he is owed by the American government for his army service.

The English is out now on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the trailer here.


Film: To Leslie 

The directorial debut of Michael Morris stars Andrea Riseborough as Leslie Rowland, an alcoholic mother who squanders all her winnings from a lottery jackpot and struggles in the aftermath of her decision. Sweeney, played by Marc Maron, offers her a job in his motel where Leslie finds an chance for redemption. With an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for Andrea Riseborough, to Leslie is a searing independent drama you don’t want to miss.

To Leslie is in cinemas now. Watch the trailer here.


Album: Manzanita, Shana Cleveland

The second solo album from Shana Cleveland is a stripped back and paired down folk album, described by Cleveland herself as “a supernatural love album set in the California wilderness”. The manzanita is a tree that grows in California known for its medicinal qualities which are used as kindling for the dreamy and beautiful vocal delivery that ruminates on the mystical and provocative themes that weave throughout this record.

Manzanita is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp. 

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