Wayne’s 4 x 2: Babylon Berlin, Moxie & More!

Wayne is back with another round of entertainment reviews. Four reviews, two minutes each, this is Wayne’s 4 x 2:

Judas And The Black Messiah (Film) 

Based on the true story of Fred Hampton and William O’Neal, ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ is a powerful and incendiary film. With fantastic performances by Daniel Kaluuya as Hampton and LaKieth Stanfield as O’Neal, this film about the civil rights movement is a must-watch.

Babylon Berlin (TV Series) 

Possibly the most expensive German television series ever made, ‘Babylon Berlin’ is a compelling 1920s murder mystery set in pre-war Berlin. With complex characters and great acting cast-wide, this series of three seasons, with a fourth on the way, is another must-watch. Stream ‘Babylon Berlin’ on Netflix now.

World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener (Album) 

Brought to you by Canadian artist Chad VanGaalen, this album of unusual name brings us some new indie folk rock sound. With each track featuring a unique sound, the album was performed and produced solo in Van Gaalen’s own studio in Calgary, Alberta.

Moxie (Film)

Another Netflix production this week. Directed by Amy Poehler, ‘Moxie’ is teen-oriented film about girl’s rights. It’s not a fantastic film, but it does have a great message worth sharing with your own teenage daughters. While ‘Moxie’ suffers from a case of overwritten dialogue and surface level themes, it is still worth a watch if you’re currently looking for something to stream.

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