Wayne’s 4 X 2: Blackberry, The Patient and MORE!

Do you want something to watch but aren’t sure where to start?  2SER’s entertainment wizard, Wayne Massingham is back and he’s got you covered with his reviews of the latest and greatest in film, music and television.

It’s Wayne’s 4 by 2! 4 Reviews, 2 minutes each. Here’s what Wayne had for us this morning:


Film: Blackberry

From director Matt Johnson comes the rise and fall of the ‘Blackberry’ mobile phone and the people behind its creation. This biographic/comedy-drama centres around the careers of Mike Lazaridis (Jay Baruchel) and Doug Fregin (Matt Johnson) and investor Jim Balsillie (Glenn Howerton) as they develop and pitch the “PocketLink” cellular device for mass production. Balsillie is unimpressed by the pitch of the two developers, but thinks they have a potential industry changer with the technology they have crafted; he agrees to finance them and sell their product if he is made CEO of their company ‘Research In Motion’. While success draws near competition with upcoming developer Steve Jobs and the iPhone leads to an all out war and race for the wallets and industries of global communications. A funny, interesting and well directed film, Blackberry is the story of a one promising icon and the pitfalls of techno-competition.

Blackberry is in cinemas now. Watch the trailer here.


Film: War Sailor

This Norwegian drama follows the true story of 30,000 Norwegian civilian sailors who join the Second World War on the side of the Allies. As the War drags on the civilians are unable to return from sea, stuck in a naval conflict from which their is no escape and are unable to communicate with their relatives who now live under occupied Norway. A crucial assistance to the British in the beginning of the war, the Norway fleet supported British ships in naval combat that ultimately saved both countries from destruction and forever altered the course of World War 2 for victory for the Allies. An important but often overlooked contribution to Allied victory, War Sailor is a must watch for anyone interested in the history of the 20th Century.

War Sailor is out now on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.


Television: The Patient

This American psychological thriller stars Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson as a therapist and serial killer respectively ,who are involved in a very strange form of therapy.  Sam Fortner (Gleeson) has kidnapped Alan Strauss (Carell) and wants help curbing his homicidal urges. A dark and disturbing limited series, The Patient is binge watching frights and its best.

The Patient is out now on Disney+. Watch the trailer here.


Album: Intercepted Message, Osees

John Dwyer’s 6th album since 2020 is another hit in an incredibly productive career. Despite the many different name changers and bandmates over the years, Osees and Dwyer remain a constant delight. The overall 27th album the Osees project has made, it continues to showcases what a great live band the group is, and on this record they turn the garage, hardcore punk sound up even further. There is variety everywhere here; longer songs, synth heavy guitar tracks, garage band compositions and experiments all come together to deliver a package that is quintessentially John Dwyer and another hit for Osees.

Intercepted Message is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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