Wayne’s 4 x 2: Collective, Lupin & More!

If you want to watch a movie this weekend or get stuck into some TV or music, then this segment is for you. As always, our entertainment guru Wayne Massingham has been scouring cinemas and streaming services for his 4 x 2 reviews. Four reviews, two minutes each, this is Wayne’s 4 x 2! 

Collective (Film, Documentary)

An investigative documentary that covers the events, victims and aftermath of the tragic 2015 fire at ‘The Collective’ nightclub in Bucharest, Romania. This film goes into the tragedy of the fire, as well as the fraud and corruption embedded in the Romanian hospitals who treated its victims. Currently the film is only available to view locally at Dendy Cinemas in Newtown, Sydney. Alternatively, ‘Collective’ is also available to buy or rent from Amazon video.

Lupin (TV Show)

A mystery thriller inspired by the early 20th century stories of Arsene Lupin the master thief, this program follows Omar Sy’s Assane Diop on a Robin Hood-like quest to avenge the death of his father. With plenty of twists, a brilliant lead, and a well constructed plot, ‘Lupin’ is well worth your time. Its 5 episode first part is currently streaming now on Netflix, with the second part already filmed and releasing later this year.

Fading Graffiti (Album)

Spencer Krug ‘returns’ with Fading Graffiti, the first album he’s released under his own name rather than stage name Moonface. This album marks a slight departure from his traditional music production and release, but loses none of its indie roots in the process. ‘Fading Graffiti’ features an unusual structure, great sound and fantastic guitar tracks. This new solo album is currently available to stream on Spotify and to purchase through Krug’s Bandcamp.

Murder on Middle Beach (Television, Documentary)

Another documentary this week, this time a series following Madison Hamburg in his investigation to piece together the unsolved case of his mother’s murder. While the case of the murder stands at the forefront, audiences are also taken on a much more personal journey as Hamburg learns about his family and his parent’s private past. ‘Murder on Middle Beach’ is available to stream now on HBO via Foxtel.


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