Waynes 4 x 2: Katla, Girls5eva, and more!

The Honourable Wayne Massingham, Minister of Entertainment, graces our airwaves once more with four new measures to help keep us all entertained for the next week.

Four reviews.

Two minutes each.

Here’s what he had for us.


Small Icelandic community tries to come to terms with the eruption of a volcano as one year after the disaster. As the townspeople deal with their grief and loss, mysteries begin to emerge from the ice. Katla blends surreal supernatural elements with a grounded exploration of grief and loss. Katla is available to watch on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here.

Thirstier TORRES (Mackenzie Scott)

The latest loud and unabashed record from American indie-rock artist Mackenzie Scott (aka. TORRES), Thirstier is the fifth studio full-length release from TORRES. The ten-track album features 10 exciting tracks that explore the magic in everyday occurrences all performed by Scott’s powerful and distinctive voice.

Listen to the album here.


Oxygen is a French claustrophobic thriller directed by Alexandre Aja and stars Mélanie Laurent. A woman wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with no memory of how she got there. With the aid of MILO, she must piece together the story of how she got there and why, before her rapidly deteriorating oxygen supply runs out. Oxygen is available to watch on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here.


Musical Comedy Girls5eva follows the story of the titular one-hit-wonder 90s girl group Girls5eva as they try to recapture their glory days while balancing their homelives after an up-and-coming rapper samples their hit song. The show features original songs all performed by the cast, including singer-songwriter Sara Barellies. Girls5eva is available to watch on Stan.

Watch the trailer here.

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