Once again its the Thursday Daily and that can only mean one thing; its time for Wayne’s 4 X 2! Every week, resident cultural connoisseur Wayne Massingham gives us his recommendations on all things television, film and music. So if you’re looking for an exciting series to binge, new music to explore or find out if that new film is really as good as everyone says, Wayne’s 4 X 2 has everything you need for a great week.


It’s Wayne’s 4 x 2!


Four reviews

Two minutes each.


Here’s what he had for us.


Television: How to with John Wilson

John Wilson is a documentary filmmaker living in New York and ‘How to’ follows his encounters with strangers he meets on the street. Each episode is a strange, unique odyssey that begins with simple questions like, how do you write a cheque? How do you improve your memory? From these questions Wilson meets fascinating character’s and takes the audience on a wild, unexcepted ride.

An extremely funny series, ‘How to with John Wilson’s first season is available on Fox Showcase and Binge now. Watch the trailer here.

Film: Windfall

‘Windfall’ is a 2022 film directed by Charlie McDowell and staring Jason Segel, Lily Collin and Jesse Plemons. An interesting thriller, Jason Segel plays a robber who attempts to steal valuables from a swanky mansion in the desert, only to find the multimillionaire owners, played by Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons, have returned to the empty house early. As the film unfolds from a simple robbery story to taking hostages, Windfall develops into a quasi-Hitchcockian thriller mystery that makes for great rainy day watching at home.

‘Windfall’ is out now on Netflix.  Watch the trailer here.

Television: Morning Wars

AppleTV’s first big production ‘Morning Wars’ follows the professional and personal lives of the team at an American morning news show. Staring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, the comedy series explores timely topics like the #MeToo Movement, the state of journalism and what it takes to produce a morning news show in the 21st Century. Very interesting, funny and relevant, ‘Morning Wars’ is available to watch on AppleTV +.  Watch the trailer here.

Album: For the Sake of Bethel Woods, Midlake

Released last week, the latest album from Texas folk rock band Midlake is a great return to form 9 years after their last album. Featuring the voice of Eric Pulido, who continues to perform lead vocals after lead singer and songwriter Tim Smith departed from the band in 2012, this new album features great instrumentation and guitar work that taps into the strength of Midlake’s Texas folk-rock roots, while finding room for experimentation with electronic synth and ambient country mystique. Wayne recommends the 2nd track ‘Bethel woods’, an upbeat song great for when you’re driving with stunning guitar work breaking down the last half of the song.

‘For the Sake of Bethel woods’ is available now at Spotify and Bandcamp.


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