Wayne’s 4 X 2: Past Lives, The Bear and MORE!

Do you want something to watch but aren’t sure where to start? 2SER’s entertainment wizard, Wayne Massingham is back and he’s got you covered with his reviews of the latest and greatest in film, music and television.

It’s Wayne’s 4 by 2! 4 Reviews, 2 minutes each. Here’s what he had for us this morning:


Film: Past Lives

The debut film of director Celine Song is a romantic drama about the relationship of two childhood friends over a period of 24 years. Greta Lee stars as Nora and Teo Yoo plays Hae Sung, two teenagers living in Seoul who develop an attraction for each other. But shortly after the romantic flame begins to burn, Nora’s parents immigrant to Toronto and Hae Sung joins the military and the two lose contact. Over the next 2 decades through a s series of surprises, effort and serendipity, Nora and Hae Sung continue to run into each other and experience confusing emotional entanglements, even as both are moving on with their lives and respective partners. A meditation on the Korean concept of  “in-yeon”, the idea that everyone you meet in life you have already met in a past one, Past Lives is a cathartic and powerful examination on the ties that bind us.

Past Lives is in cinemas now.  Watch the trailer here.


Television: The Bear

The Bear stars Jeremy Allen White as Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, a young chef that returns to Chicago to run his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop in the wake of a family tragedy. The series examines his attempts at turning the failing restaurant into a Michelin star dining of renown, whilst dealing with personal struggles, the lives of his staff and the weight of working in the restaurant industry. Propulsive performances and an addicting story make this a visual meal you won’t want to finish.

The Bear is out now on Disney+. Watch the trailer here.


Television: Rogue Heroes

s This historical drama series is about the creation of the British Army Special Air Service (SAS), during the events of World War II. The series charts the beginning of the SAS as David Stirling (Connor Swindells) is recovering in a Cairo hospital in 1941. His plan to devise a special commando unit that can breech deep enemy lines is formulated here and with help from other commandoes and soldiers, begins the extraordinary history of the SAS. An all star cast including Connor Swindells, Jack O’Connell, Alfie Allen, Sofia Boutella and Dominic West round out this amazing series, noted for its historical accuracy and thrilling drama.

Rogue Heroes is out now on SBS On Demand. Watch the trailer here.


Album: The Window, Ratboys

The fifth album from American indie-rock group Ratboys is a bright sounding album filled with country flourishes as well as their usual emotive indie-folk repertoire. The title comes from lead singer Julia Steiner’s grandfathers experience of losing his wife and due to Covid restrictions the time, was unable to spend timer with her in the hospital, only being allowed to look at each other through a window. Steiner’s voice is as beautiful and sweet as ever as it hits very poppy rock notes. Every track has a big hook with exceptional guitar performances showcasing the band’s honed style of alt-country music. If you haven’t listened to Ratboy this is a great place to start, with songs that will push all the right emotional buttons while still having a a fun and killer time. 

The Window is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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